I record, produce, edit, and master voiceover audio in a studio outside Boston for a living. From home as a freelancer, I can offer editing, mastering, and restoration of your podcast, video voiceover, and more. I have a lightning fast workflow, a deep knowledge of industry mastering and distribution standards for platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, plus I just love podcasts! If you’ve got a project that you’d like to work with me on, feel free to contact me via the handy email button at the bottom of each page, or through the Contact form on the About page. I work weekly on Hardly Tea, which you can read about below!



...a weekly podcast hosted by Matt Hayes and Alex Wedge, and covers a variety of topics. Whether it be the latest summer blockbuster or an in-depth look at societal issues, Matt and Alex bring their signature energy and passion to whatever topic they focus on each week.

Hardly Tea is edited, mixed, and mastered by myself each week. Episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts each Friday. The podcast inhabits @hardlytea on Twitter, and the hosts are there too! Matt is in charge of @420hayesit, while Alex can be found at @wedgefry. And that nifty logo? That’s the work of @JimmyFraser111.

Your Weekly Serving of Tea