Audio Engineer / Producer / Content Guru



I’m a freelance audio engineer primarily, but also dabble in the realm of video. I’ve worked on everything from rock to chamber music, with some stops along the way in large-scale instrumental. I’m passionate about working alongside artists to bring what they have in their heads onto a recording medium, whether digital or analog. We can track in a professional recording studio or in your basement, depending on what works best. Even a live session with an added multicam video component? Sounds great! Additionally, if you’re just looking for a mix or a master we can do it all online through the magic of the internet.

I’m also available for editing and mixing of podcasts. My day job is working at a voiceover production studio on audio for interactive media and audiobooks, so I’ve got a whole arsenal of tricks up my sleeve for editing, mixing, and post-production. I’m a self-proclaimed public radio nerd, and far too much of my free time is spent thinking about how to make podcasts sound their best.

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